My current favourite dances

Updated February 2015
(improver) catchy tune, dance flows really well
Sleeping with the Devil(beginner) 1-wall dance with some different accents in the last 16 to make it interesting - lyrics make you think, too
Superheroes (intermediate (though it says advanced)) again, it flows well and the restarts are easy to hear
Push - (improver)  goood, fast, modern country track gets you moving
Black Magic Woman ( aka 'aBMW') chor. William Sevone 2009 - but recommend using track by The London Fox Singers -  straightforward track, easy to dance to, no Santana riffs! nice little Latin cha cha style dance quick to learn, easy teach
Corn don't grow (improver) - really good dance, nice variety of steps, shame the track isn't longer
The boat to Liverpool (improver)  still like this one and want to dance it when it's played - good Irish track