Dances past and present

 (fThis is a list of dances from all the classes - in no particular order!!) 
We might have danced them once only!
or decided they were better than that and deserved dancing more often...
Napoleon's retreat
On the Loose
Leave me (Helene Fischer track from 2014)
Day of the dead
Back to life (beginner, Lesley Stewart)
Keep dancing
I am giant
Love is loud
Honey I'm lost
Cold light of day
Sweet psycho
Rumba stroll
I fell for you
Off the beaten track
Soul Food
Going up

Getting to KNOW YOU   Val Saari


Hey Senorita
La Fiesta Cubana
I believe (Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham)
Little country race
Sangria sun
Groovy love
Half a cha

Stop me
(Heather Barton)

Summer Break
Stop me
Through it all
1,2,3 Calypso
Texas Time
About her

Waltzing whiskey
Whiskey bridges
I do
The jig
Highway honky tonk
I close my eyes
One call away (not Save the day!)

God made girls
I got this too
Sweet Hurt
Burning a hole in my mind (Hiroko Carlsson)
Sha la la (Danielle Schill)
Body like a back road
(AB) (Alvie A)
Fishin' in the dark You N Me (Val Saari)
In heaven there is no beer (Sonja Hemmes)
La Culpa   (Sandra Speck)
Story   (Maddison Glover)
Havana Cha (Ria Vos)
Beer for my Horses

Summer Sway

Blue ain't your color (Barbara Wallace)
Blue umbrella blues
The Mermaid (revision)
Paddy's choir
Lonely drum
Dream on (Maggie Gallagher)
The most beautiful girl
A complete change

Taking my time
Dy na mite
Champagne Promise

Nancy Mulligan
One more chance
Ukulele swing
EZ tango with me darling
I came to love you
Well do ya?
Simple things
Rockabye baby EZ
More than Amigos

Left in the dark
Too strong to break
Take me to the river
The long way home
Cheap night out
Colours of the wind (revision)
Dear Friend
Never ever go away
You, me and my guitar
A rose has to die
Gypsy Queen
Better when I'm dancing
Pot of gold (revision)
Islands in the stream (revision)
Ain't it funny (revision)
Lamtarra Rumba (revision)
Thinkin' country
Invitation stroll
Starting tonight
A little Humble
Gerry's Reel

Carribbean Pearl
Slip Away
Try Me

Mountains to the sea
Rum is the reason
Dance with wolves
Sweet Dreams (old old classic)
Making History
All your wishes
Dock of the Bay

Island cha
Big Blue Tree
Hello Jo
Dance with me into the morning (midnight tango)

Ticket to the blues
Until the dawn

Master put it down
Wonderland waltz
Marilyn Monroe!
Leighann loves to dance
Darling hold my hand
New shade of blue
Black Heart (revision)
Like Coca Cola in Hollywood

Heart of an angel (revision)

Snow girl Charleston
To be loved by you
Ain't it funny (revision)
Wonder train
I saw Linda yesterday (Derek Robinson)(revision)
The Galway Gathering
It is a Waltz

Devil Pray (Magali Chabret)

Hear my Song
Good Time Girls
South Australia
Sleeping with the devil
People are crazy (revision)
Memphis Love
Caribbean Pearl (revision)

Black Magic Woman
 (to track of same name by The London Fox sing
ers & Halloween party band) NOT Santana
Uptown Funk
Sweet like candy

I got it easy
We only live once

Midnight Mix
Dance with me into the morning (midnight tango)
Just add moonlight 
Corn don't grow
Marry that girl
Cowboy Dreams
Diggity Swing
Moonlight and Roses
( Russell Breslauer)
Djingis Khan
Louise Elfvengren Olatoye
Leave me
Ring my bells
Yes, Darling Daughter
Bright Sunny Day
Down to the River (Klara Wallman)
Storm Warning
Let it Rain (Kim Ray)
Blue Birds
All I can Say (now we have the music!!)
The boat to Liverpool
After the storm

Just add Moonlight
Fall in Love

Dance like you're the only one (revision)
Clap Happy!
Come as you are
Blue night cha (revision)
Hush little baby
Lennerockers Stroll
Timber (Alison & Peter)
About Time
Taillights Cha
An apple a day
This is me
Hit the Road Jack (Alison & Peter)
Hit the Road Jack (beginner) Karl-Harry Winson
Weekend girl
Feel a spark
Movin' on up (William Sevone) .... revision

lrish Rock
A little bit Gypsy
Cajun Mambo Walk to Volcano by Jimmy Buffet yet another from way back!
Waltztime (beginner) to There goes my Everything by Ann Murray
Little Rhumba (beginner) (an old one) to Bit by Bit by John Landry -
 but it does need a
2 count tag or wait and re-start (on the 11th wall)

Picnic Polka
No Man's Land
Goodbye in her eyes
All over the world (beginner)
The rain has gone
I like those people
Be my baby now
Blue Finger Jive

Long time gone
Wow Tokyo!
Sweet Talking Guy
Blueberry Chill
Play On
(Faking It - revision)

dances we've taught in 
the past year or so (from all 
the classes)
rN.B. the list is not in any order 
apart from latest ones at
the top
  There are so many.... these are some of them  -  
  the latest ones in .......... red
  Volare  (Frank Trace -1 wall ) 
  Face in the crowd  
  Faking It  
  Sleep  (Kate Sala)
  Amazing Grace I See  
  Why Don't You   (Diana Dawson)
  When I need you  
  Cha cha Espana    
  Slow Train Blues   
   Hang on Frankie     
  Throw away the key  
  Rocket to the sun    
  Last day on earth    
  The Belle of Liverpool  
  Forever Rumba   
  The Mermaid  
  New Shoes     
  Late Night Call   (Kate Sala) 
  Shotgun Boogie 
  Catch a star    
  Let there be peace ( chor. Norman Gifford)
  The Storm     
  Mexi- Fest     
  Bye bye Mambo  
  Bounce Bounce 
  Penny Arcade - ( by unknown choreographer) 
  Primo Waltz          
  Little Too High       
  Wom Bom Bom     

  Glory of Love     
  Wagon wheel rock  
  Skiffle Time  
 Wonderland  Swing 
  Shattered dreams    
  Winners & losers     
  Shania's moment     

  2012 and before! 
  Watermelon Crawl  (revision)
  Penny Arcade - ( by unknown choreographer)
  Primo Waltz 
  Little Too High

  American Girl  (Gary Lafferty)
  A bit of soap  (Anrhony Baucheron) 

 Made to Fly 
 Love me or leave me  (Frank Trace) 
 All Good  
 Eres para mi 
 Black Heart 
 Disappearing Taillights 
 Mamma Maria  - different music ! Somebody that I used to know  -by
' Gotye'  or  by 'Walk off the Earth'

 Point of no return  (beginner waltz, chor by DJ Dan & Wynette Miller - not the Ria Vos dance)
  French cancan 
  I like those people 
 Tango del Rio (to No time for a tango by Tonia and the beat ) 
  Rock  Paper Scissors  
  Together we Dance   

  My Lady Soul   
 After Midnight    (Judy McDonald) 
 1st class
 Til Forever
 Jamaican Love 
 Shambala (Roz Chaplin & Colin B Smith) 
 Eres Tu 
 Cha cha Espana 
 Sea of Dreams 
 Half past nothin' 
 Imelda's Way 
 Love letter Waltz 
 Another Song 
 Story of us (next chapter) 
 Too many Mondays 
 Pick a bale 
 Drive By 
 Waltz on Rainbow 
 The Blarney Roses 
 People are crazy (revision) 
 Walking in the rain  (revision!)
 Have you ever seen the rain? 
 Calling Memphis 
 Fup (First Up)
 I Saw Linda Yesterday 
 That Old Piano 
 V-Day - A Love Song 
 Rock Your Body 
 Without Fire 
 A love worth waiting for 
 + A little love worth waiting for 
Under the sun 
Good Morning! Buddies Sal Foo
Baby come home Marie SØrensen
Live this Life 
Before the devil 
Baby Bubbles 
Slip away 
Chocolate covered candy hearts 
Dance with me tonight  (Peter & Alison)

Always together
A little higher
Laid back country
Easy come easy go
Something in the water
Made in America (Alan Spence)
Caribbean Pearl 
Wishful Thinking
On the Roof
Djingis Khan
Little Miss Terious  chor. Forty Arroyo
(we leave out the re-starts!)
Purr Kitty
My own Silverstar
La Luna
Love Bucket
Lazy lazy day
Stay the night
All my exes
Telepathy (to Upside Down by Paloma Faith)
Sun up
Not without us
This Big
Midnight mix
Fly like a bird (new to some)
Soul Food
The Flute
Amigo's Waltz
Poker Face (going through this again - it deserves to stay around)
Follow Me (chor. Barry Cook 2001)
Tango Choclo
My own Silverstar
Switch it on
Foolish Change
Black Velvet
Mamma Maria (to Poker Face and Country Roads by Swoop)
Pretty Belinda
All of Me
Goodbye Kiss (chor. Josée Rotella) to That'll be the Day
Bittersweet Memory
The Flute
Stuck with you
Wave on Wave
Waltz on Rainbow
Dig it
Rolling in the Deep
Annabel's Hitch
Make This Day
Sleeping Child
Dr Wanna Do
Stuck with You
I'm No Good
Skinny Genes
Love my Sunglasses
Wave on wave
Open Book
Summertime Blue
Save Me
Hello Dolly
Little Bluff
Beer or Gasoline
Country Cupid
Dr Wanna Do
Ain't it funny
Long gone   (to Pink Shoelaces)
Calypso Mexico
Just one Rumba  (to the Hollies- Just one Look)
Come on and Tango (to Burlesque)
Jig About
Best Thing
Gypsy Rosa Li
Knee Deep (Peter & Alison)
Cowboy Yoddel song (I'm sure they mean yodel..)
Darlin' done easy
Falling Rain
Apple Tree Polka
Baby Kate
Out & Jump
Ai Ching cha cha (chor. Sal Gonzalez)
Colours of the wind
Snap your fingers
Shuffle Boogie Soul
Summer Fly
Stitch it up
Blue Night Cha
Drip Droppin
Messed up in Memphis
Cue the Rain
Chica Boom Boom
Homeward Bound
Moonlight Cha (Tom Jones' Sex Bomb track)
Irish Spirit
Do the Cha Cha
Leaving on Monday
Father & Daughter
EZ Summer love (Beverley Knight's Black Butta track)
Little Rumba
Irish Stew
Gave it all away
The Piper
Dream of you
Rhyme or reason