Dances past and present

(I've taken out the dances before 2016 as I shouldn't think anyone is interested, but contact me if you want to see them all!)
This is a list of dances from all the classes - in no particular order!!
We might have danced them once only!
or decided they were better than that and deserved dancing more often...
Be a light (Kai Koch)
Jerusalema (Colin Ghys, Alison Johnstone)
Ok not to be ok
Same kind of crazy as me
Pocket of Hearts
Soak up the sunshine
Rainbow connection
Te Vas
Nothing but you
Senorita la la la
Back to the start
World for two
Gone West
Bonaparte's retreat
On the Loose
Leave me (Helene Fischer track from 2014)
Day of the dead
Back to life (beginner, Lesley Stewart)
Keep dancing
I am giant
Love is loud
Honey I'm lost
Cold light of day
Sweet psycho
Rumba stroll
I fell for you
Off the beaten track
Soul Food
Going up

Getting to KNOW YOU   Val Saari


Hey Senorita
La Fiesta Cubana
I believe (Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham)
Little country race
Sangria sun
Groovy love
Half a cha

Stop me
(Heather Barton)

Summer Break
Stop me
Through it all
1,2,3 Calypso
Texas Time
About her

Waltzing whiskey
Whiskey bridges
I do
The jig
Highway honky tonk
I close my eyes
One call away (not Save the day!)

God made girls
I got this too
Sweet Hurt
Burning a hole in my mind (Hiroko Carlsson)
Sha la la (Danielle Schill)
Body like a back road
(AB) (Alvie A)
Fishin' in the dark You N Me (Val Saari)
In heaven there is no beer (Sonja Hemmes)
La Culpa   (Sandra Speck)
Story   (Maddison Glover)
Havana Cha (Ria Vos)
Beer for my Horses